add lighting

One simple, yet dramatic change a home owner can make in any room is to change or add lighting. The electricians of Fielder Electrical Services take pride in their exceptional ability to add lighting in locations you never thought possible.

Lighting Installed with No Damage 


New Recessed Lighting
in a Vaulted Ceiling

This Ballwin home had no existing lighting in the family room. Moreover, the room has a vaulted ceiling. Shown in the comparative slider is a before & after of the lights. Our electrician cut into the existing ceiling and installed completely new recessed lighting with NO damage to the surrounding vaulted ceiling. To see the recessed lighting at the fireplace on the opposite side of the room, visit our page on task lighting.

Notching: Lighting Installed with Very Little Damage

Some elements of an existing structure’s walls can impede our ability to fish electrical wiring into a new location. This could include support beams, plumbing, or fireblocking, amongst many others. If that is the case, it could be necessary for us to cut small holes or notches into the walls or ceiling. We do not do any patching, painting, or repairs- that falls under the purview of the homeowner. (After all, we are not carpenters.) However, the of our electricians are unsurpassed, leaving very little or no damage to the existing walls and/or ceilings.

Moving the slider will reveal the before & after!

In this luxury high rise condo, we were able to remove the existing fixture and add new lighting with very little damage.

add lighting with no damage

This illustration demonstrates the limited damage done to the ceiling and walls in the condo of a multi-level building.

At the far left, you can see a small hole, just larger than the trim of the recessed can light we installed. This is where the junction box from the old fixture was located. Our electricians minimized the damage to the ceiling because they took advantage of the existing hole.

To work with the new recessed can lights, the home owner  chose to add more lighting. The result is the pendants over the island on a separate, dimmable switch. The close-up on the right reveals a small, horizontal notch. The electrician cut this into the wall to accommodate that switch wiring. Because of the stellar work of our electrician, the homeowner has entirely new lighting. The added bonus is that they  have only two small areas of the ceiling to patch & paint.

New Recessed Lighting in the Main Floor of a 2 Story Home

This gallery demonstrates the before and after of  a project in St. Charles County. In this home, we were able to add lighting with little damage.

  • This two-story home had no existing ceiling lighting in the family room & adjacent office on the main floor.
  • Our electrician could not access the ceiling from above. As a result, he had to make small holes (notches) in the ceiling for the wiring.
  • Using a series of notches, the electrician completed the wiring with minimal damage. This is called “sewing the ceiling.” (As shown in photo #5.)
  • BENEFIT: The homeowner has eight recessed lights, controlled by two separate dimming switches. This was done with only a small area of ceiling to repair and repaint.