aluminum wiring
aluminum wiring repairs

Aluminum wiring is commonly found in homes and additions built between 1965 and the mid-1970’s. During that time, the cost of copper increased, so aluminum was substituted in branch electrical circuits, such as outlets and switches. The only way for a home owner to tell if they have this wiring is to look at the printed outer jacket of electric cables, which are typically only visible in unfinished areas such as basements. Cable with aluminum conductors will be marked with “Al” or similar labels. If you have questions, call us!

Aluminum Wiring Facts
  • Aluminum wiring expands as it warms up and contracts when it cools down. This causes a loss in tightness at the connection.
  • According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, problems resulting from expansion can cause overheating at connections between the wiring and devices, or at splices.
  • An excess of two million homes in the United States were constructed using this type of wiring.
  • A qualified electrician (like those at Fielder Electrical Services) can replace or repair aluminum wiring to effectively and permanently reduce the possibility of fire and injury resulting from overheating connections.
How Fielder Electrical Services Handles Aluminum Wiring
aluminum wiring repairs

If you see indications of issues with aluminum wiring, contact the qualified electricians at Fielder Electrical Services to make the devices in your home safe.

The most popular option for solving issues with aluminum wiring is to hire a licensed electrician to replace the connections at each outlet, switch, and junction box.

aluminum wiring

If you believe you have aluminum wiring in your home, contact our office at (314) 773-4955. Our licensed electricians have the expertise necessary to make your home wiring safe!