Celebrating 30 years of serving Saint Louis!

Our current shop, at the corner of Kingshighway and Shaw.

Fielder Electrical Services office

The site of our first shop on Northrup Avenue.

Fielder Electrical Services Christmas Eve 2015

Fielder Electrical Services originally started in 1987 by Matt and Paula Fielder in their basement, everything was held in cardboard boxes and service calls made in an old 1965 station wagon. The employees consisted of the owners, their brother, brother-in-law and their best friend. Just to get things going, Fielder Electrical Services not only did electrical work, but they acted as general contractors and did any odds and ends to get the business off the ground.

As they grew, they built their next headquarters, a three car beautifully wood sided barn style garage, in Matt and Paula’s back yard. Their first brick and mortar shop was nestled on Northrup Ave, where they spent 5 years building and growing the business.

In 1998, the business had grown so much they bought the historic Blue Ridge Bottling Company building on the corner of South Kingshighway and Shaw in The Hill neighborhood and spent 6+ month renovating it into the current offices occupied by the business today. Chosen for it’s ease of location, Fielder’s electricians can be pretty much anywhere in Saint Louis City or County in 30 minutes or less.

Matt’s lifelong dream has always been being an electrician. He chose to go to O’Fallon Technical High School, rather than the high school just a few blocks from his home, in order to learn the trade he so admired. He ate,drank and slept his studies, even coming home after school and working in his neighborhood, which in someways truly was the start of Fielder Electrical! Matt is a Licensed and Bonded Master Electrician. In order to make that happen, he even started flying down on weekends between work schedules to work with his mentor and proctor to complete the work needed to earn that esteemed title.

Matt and Fielder Electrical Service’s constant and unwavering commitment to giving the customers the best value for their dollar, while maintaining the same high quality and consistency, is what has kept this business running for the last 30 years and will keep it going for next!

Thank you St. Louis for your wonderful business for the last 30 years and for helping Matt and the rest of Fielder Electrical Services make their dreams come true. We are so proud and honored to serve. And remember:

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