electrical meter replacement
The electrical meter is located on the exterior of a home. Working with the electrical panel, it is the “other half” of the electrical system.
electrical meter replacement

In addition to the meter, there are other elements of the electrical system located outside the home. Any of these could need to be repaired or replaced in order to meet code requirements or the energy demands of your household. These could include:

fielder electric meter install
Below are before/after depictions of an electrical meter replacement we completed in Richmond Heights.

To meet requirements, the old style ring meter base was replaced with a new bypass meter. The frayed entrance and riser cables were replaced with new ones. These cables were then secured to the building and placed in protective PVC casing, where appropriate.

Old Ring Style Meter

New Bypass Meter

The skilled electricians of Fielder Electrical Services can complete your electrical meter replacement, compliant with all code & other requirements.