electrical panel

The electric panel directs the flow of electricity throughout your home and is the most important asset in your electrical system.

electric panel replacement

The two primary motivations to change or upgrade your old fuse box or existing electrical breaker panel are safety & space.
These could be independent issues, or one could be causing another. For example, a space issue could spur a safety concern.

Replace Electric Panel
Our skilled electricians can wire all of your electrical needs. From replacing a fuse box with an electrical panel to upgrading an existing main breaker service.


A quality electric panel forms the basis for a safe electrical system. If there are issues in the panel, it can merit safety concerns.

Safety issues which may indicate the need for an electric panel replacement could include:

  • corrosion
  • rust
  • burned lug
  • double lugging
  • burned bus bar
  • arcing in panel
  • panel brand not UL Listed, including:
    • Federal Pacific
    • Zinsco
    • Pushmatic
  • overfusing

If you have questions or are concerned about the safety of your electric panel, contact our office to schedule an estimate.

electrical panel upgrade

Our electrician replaced this 100 amp Federal Pacific electrical panel with a 200 amp Cutler Hammer electrical panel.


Homes today have a greater electrical demand than those built even a decade ago because of modern conveniences. When the demand for electricity exceeds the available space, the solution is an electrical panel upgrade.


This is a 60 amp fuse box, dating from 1962, upgraded to a new 100 amp breaker panel.

Existing or future needs that could merit an electric panel upgrade are items such as:

  • dedicated lines for appliances
    • dishwasher
    • electric range
    • dryer
    • refrigerator
    • microwave
    • whirlpool tubs
  • heating and air conditioning systems
  • lighting expansion
  • room additions
  • outdoor needs, including:
    • pool pump and equipment
    • hot tub
    • landscape lighting
  • finishing basement or attic areas
  • electronics systems
  • backup generators

If your home still has a fuse box, it is likely that it cannot supply an adequate amount of power for what is needed in your home. The experienced professionals of Fielder Electrical Services frequently replace outdated fuse boxes with breaker panels that meet the homeowners’ current need, as well as potential future expansion.

Examples of Electric Panel Upgrades

upgrade to 200amps
The existing 100 amp electric panel was upgraded to a new 200 amp panel.
install 400amp electric service
Upgrade from a 200 amp service to a new 400 amp electrical service.
fuse box to electric panel
The old 60 amp fuse box was upgraded to a 100 amp main breaker panel.

The electric panel is only one portion of an electrical service upgrade. The other half of a home’s electrical system is located on the outside of the home, centered on the electric meter. Find out more about the exterior portion of the electrical service and how they work together by visiting our other pages.