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lightning storm damage to electrical service

The St. Louis area experiences storms year round, some of which can cause storm damage to your electrical service.

ice storm damage to electrical service

Over half of the storms in our area occur between May & August. Most of the storm damage we deal with as electricians relates to the exterior meter service. Downed trees or high wind can cause damage to both home owner and utility equipment.

Who pays for what part of a damaged electrical service?

storm damage who pays

This illustration of a standard house can better help understand your financial responsibility if a storm causes damage to your electrical service. The items noted in GREEN are the utility’s responsibility, so they will repair/replace if damaged. The components in BLACK are the home owner’s responsibility, if damaged.

What should a home owner do after a storm?

  • Report any outages to Ameren UE or your utility provider right away. Same goes for a downed power line- don’t touch it!
  • Look for storm damage to your home, including your electrical system. This includes the interior and exterior service.
  • Check your fuse or breaker panel. If you see a tripped breaker, flip it all the way to the “on” position, then to the “off” position. Do this three times, to ensure the circuit is truly reset. If it will not hold in the “on” position, call us!
  • If you experience a complete outage, leave a light turned on, so you know right away when power is restored.
  • Check your outside electrical service for damage. Depending on the extent of the storm damage, you may need a licensed electrician to complete the repairs. (That’s us!)
storm damage repairs

Example Project: Storm Damage to Electric Service

During one of the spring & summer storms of 2016, the exterior electrical service was damaged by the heavy winds. Take a look at the work completed by our electricians- and what it looked like before.

storm damage to electric meter
BEFORE: The mast of this St. Louis County home was damaged during a storm.

The roof mast was replaced with a new one. In addition, it was secured with two guy wires that are well-anchored. They are screwed into a stud to help support the weight of the wires.

storm damage to meter repair
AFTER: The mast was replaced and secured by Fielder Electrical Services.

What to Look For: Examples of Storm Damage

Storms can cause an incredible amount of damage. In 2015 alone, property damages exceeded $79 million for Missouri residents. A portion of that includes damage to the electrical service. The preceding photos illustrate some of the damages recently observed by our estimator. If you see any of these items following a storm, call us at (314) 773-4955, to see if we can help!

Fielder Electrical Services’ Advice for Home Owners

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Saint Louis MO

If your home is damaged by a storm, be smart! The St. Louis BBB offers a list of tips for hiring a trustworthy contractor. We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and encourage customers to think critically when hiring someone. They suggest ensuring you use a licensed contractor and finding out whether permits are needed. The St. Louis County Office of Electrical Inspection has a specific policy for dealing with storm damage, available here.