Electrical Service Upgrades
At Fielder Electrical Services, we specialize in older and existing structures. As a result, we have ample experience wiring electrical service upgrades in homes across the St. Louis area.

It is common for older homes to have outdated systems that require electrical service upgrades to meet the current electrical codes. Our considerable experience with these types of properties is extremely beneficial for this work.

Your Electrical Service

A residential electrical service is generally comprised of two primary areas: the interior panel and the exterior meter. Just because your home might require a new interior panel does not necessarily mean you need to replace the exterior service- or visa versa.

The needs of each home are determined on a case-by-case basis with a free estimate.  Our work is done in compliance with local codes/jurisdictions and the rules set forth by the National Electric Code. Compliance requirements can also vary by municipality.

If you would like to know what is needed in order for your home to meet code requirements,
contact us to request a free estimate.

Fielder Electric | Electrical Service Upgrade
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