Cold weather is guaranteed every year, and home heating safety is important.
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Our #1 tip on home heating safety: space heaters need to be powered by their own dedicated circuit.

Our Tips on Home Heating Safety

  • If using your heater trips the electrical circuit, call (314) 773-4955 to have us wire a dedicated circuit to power your heater.
  • Only plug ONE heat-producing appliance in to an outlet at a time.
  • Do NOT use a heater with an extension cord or power strip.
  • Follow the 3 foot rule. Keep a 3 ft. distance between all space heaters and anything that can burn.
  • Check the label! Verify that all heaters or devices you’re using have the “UL” seal, so you know it has been safety certified.
  • Turn all portable heaters off when someone isn’t in the room with them. This is especially important when you go to bed.
  • If the cord on your heater feels hot to the touch, do not use it. Warm is ok, hot is NOT.
  • Don’t place your portable heater on a table or unstable surface.
  • Heating safety isn’t just about heaters: remember to check your smoke detectors monthly.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors, too. They should be located on every level of the home & can be integrated with your smoke detectors.

home heating safety

When you call us to wire your dedicated line for a portable heater, we will need some information from you. We will ask if you have room in your panel for the additional circuit, the brand of your electrical panel, and the room where you use the heater.

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