kitchen electric
The kitchen is defined as a room in which food is cooked. In generations past, it was simply where family meals were prepared, but today this room functions as so much more. 
Evolution of Kitchen Design

The design of the kitchen has evolved alongside sociological and technological changes. At the beginning of the 20th century, the role of meal preparation fell to the lady of the house. The result was a kitchen designed around the principles efficiency, organization and cleanliness. Another change followed WWII, as a result of the housing shortage in this era. The integrated, open format  we see today is a legacy of the 1950’s kitchen. This integrated design, along with the modern conveniences of appliances & variable lighting, results in the need for a qualified electrician- like us!

The Integrated Kitchen

The kitchen is commonly the central hub for gathering in the home. The busy nature of contemporary life demands that it serve as a living space as well as a place of meal preparation. The functional kitchen of today has a designated cooking space integrated with casual dining and is often open to adjacent rooms. Below are a few examples of integrated kitchens that we have wired. As you can see, the cooking area is open to dining areas and can include entertainment features, such as a television.

The Updated Kitchen

Realtors will tell you- an updated kitchen is a major selling point of a home. Factors such as  size, location, and functionality impact a home’s resale value. A report from the National Association of Realtors demonstrates that the top home improvement project resulting in a significant return on investment is a kitchen remodel.

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Approximately 80% of kitchen upgrades feature new appliances, according to Houzz. The most frequently added appliances are dishwashers and microwaves, both of which require their own dedicated electrical circuits. We have also wired new separate cooktops, secondary ovens, wine chillers, ice makers, and more. Depending on the needs of your household, the addition of new circuits to operate these appliances may require an electrical service upgrade. In the images below, you can see some of the appliances we have added to update existing kitchens.

Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of all kitchens. The same report that determined new appliances are very common in kitchen upgrades or remodels noted similar trends for lighting. More than 50% of all renovations in this room include three different types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting: Examples include recessed lights, chandeliers, or track lighting.
  • Task lighting: Pendant lights or mounted under cabinet lights are ideal for food prep areas.
  • Accent lighting: The same lights we use for under cabinets can be used inside cabinets to add visual interest.

Demonstrative of our motto, if you need something electrical wired in your kitchen, Fielder Electrical Services can help. We work with individual home owners and contractors alike to meet all the electrical needs of our customers, especially for older and existing homes.