Along with the installation of a pool or hot tub itself, electrical wiring will be necessary to provide power to the related equipment.

For both in-ground pools and above ground pools, you can expect to need equipment that requires electricity to function. Examples of such equipment can include:

  • pool pump
  • lights, both inside & around a pool
  • time clock or timer
  • heat pump
  • automatic cover
  • chlorinator
Powering Pool Equipment

For brand new pools or hot tubs, one of our estimators would need to provide a written estimate to determine the best way to get power to the necessary equipment.
In order to provide the necessary power for the new equipment, the current power use for the home will need to be evaluated. If the electrical panel is capable of powering the new addition- great!  In cases where existing power is insufficient, a subpanel may be need installed or an electrical service upgrade may be necessary.

pool electrician
Pool Trench
Gaining Access

It is not uncommon for us to need to trench through the yard if the power for the pool is located some distance away from the house. The equipment we use to trench varies, depending on distance and code requirements.

pool wiring
GFI Outlets
Wiring Necessary Equipment

Every project varies. The equipment you have and where you reside can impact the specific code requirements for your project. For example, an above ground pool requires the installation of a twist/lock GFI receptacle with a bubble cover.

Pool Bonding
Pool Bonding

The requirements for equipment bonding are also varied, depending upon the project and the municipality in which you reside. We can help with this, although an estimate is always required to ensure the job is completed in full compliance.

 Example Project: Secure Equipment & Ensure Code Compliance
Old Pool Panel
New Pool Panel

For this St. Louis area pool, we were asked to replace the existing pool equipment. The electrical subpanel for the pool had rusted, as shown in the “before” photo. The inset shows that the wooden post had rotted and was leaning over as a result.
Our electrician replaced the rusted panel with a new, weatherproof one. The unstable wooden post holding the equipment was replaced with a new galvanized frame that ensures code compliance. The pool timer was relocated next to the panel, and a waterproof GFI receptacle was wired to meet requirements.

If you have questions about the electrical needs for your pool or hot tub, call our office to get more information or schedule a free estimate.
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