thanksgiving safety in the kitchen
The holiday season is a busy one for your kitchen! While you are spending all that time in the kitchen, make sure you’re thinking of Thanksgiving safety.
  • Make sure your kitchen GFI outlets are in good working order. Know what to do if you trip one when doing all that extra kitchen work.
  • Cleanliness is key to Thanksgiving safety! Make sure you don’t have grease or debris buildup that can catch fire.
  • Verify that your appliances are off when you don’t intend to use them.
  • Use a timer when cooking to keep yourself on track.
  • Check to ensure your smoke detectors are in good working order, just in case something does get out of hand.
  • Frying a turkey has many inherent dangers- know your safety rules before starting, & give this project your full attention from start to finish.
  • Don’t cook in the dark! Need more lighting? Look at our page on kitchens!
Thanksgiving fire safety

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